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Our mission is to make financial information universally accessible and useful. To do so, we are creating an intelligent solution based on the best of human expertise. Welcome Bob!


With Bob, we connect all the tools you need to augment your financial & extra-financial performance.

Tell the stories behind numbers

If people remembers anything of their work, it's probably stories. The narrative is the key to access your audience brains. Design your story first to align everyone in your organization.

Organize your transformation projects with agility

Companies may be missing out on the most important strategy of all: creating a culture of agility. This should be every leaders priority to navigate across uncertain times, and execute any strategy efficiently.

Reduce time spent on low value added tasks

It's time for humans to spend time more time on quality and less on quantity. Business process automation can be a stepping-stone that change. You can start with a few processes that are clearly in need and gradually work your way up.

Why they love our work

Armelle Poulou
Group Treasurer
Very flexible and agile, strongly recommend.

24 april 2018

CashStory helps to clearly communicate how to optimize your tools & processes, and ensure every individual and team is continually focused, and working towards the larger organizational goals together.

Benoit Legonidec
Finance Business Transformation
A long term partner for your finance digital transformation.

5 August 2019

Easily visualize and identify issues in real time to help keep teams focused on key goals. The insights provided help to anticipate problems, stay one step ahead and make necessary changes to achieve the goals.

Victor Da Silva
Head of Controlling
The best practices to make our work stands out.

24 June 2019

Anyone can see the impact they make, even when managers can’t sit with them often to give the bigger picture. With CashStory, everyone can see their own objectives being met and how their work moves the organization forward.

Let's change finance for good.

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