Education and automation

for the next generation of professionals.

🚀 CashStory is an automation services company.

We developed a framework to help professionals approach data, automation & AI through Education and Opensource products.
We train motivated individuals on how to take back control over their data and build an infinite solution maker mindset. 👌

We believe in a better way to see financial & extra-financial information for wiser decision making, taking into consideration environmental issues & well being as much as cash, profit and value. 🌍

Build an infinite solution maker mindset

with the power of our products, services and community.

Connect everything together.
Make it accessible to everyone.

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Get an audit of your processes

In line with your strategic objectives, we identify the manual tasks that block your team from moving forward.

Gradually integrate automation services

We start with simple automations and increase the level of complexity according to your needs.

Focus on what really matters

Empower your people with automated reports and action plans that will make your organization grow.


Why they love our work

Very flexible and agile, strongly recommend.

CashStory helps to clearly communicate how to optimize your tools & processes, and ensures every individual and team is continually focused, and working towards the larger organizational goals together."

Armelle Poulou - Group Treasurer

A long term partner for your digital transformation.

Easily visualize and identify issues in real time to help keep teams focused on key goals. The insights provided help to anticipate problems, stay one step ahead and make necessary changes to achieve the goals."

Benoit Legonidec - Finance Business Transformation

The best practices to make your work stand out.

Anyone can see the impact they make, even when managers can't sit with them often to give the bigger picture. With CashStory, everyone can see their own objectives being met and how their work moves the organization forward.

Victor Da Silva - Head of Controlling

Meet the founders

Transforming your data in an asset.


Founder & CEO

Florent Ravenel

Co-founder & COO

Maxime Joublou

Co-founder & CTO

Valentin Piquard

Associate & Head of Sales

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